Day 5

Today I attended the last meeting of the ALIA 2012 Biennial organising committee. I’ve been involved with the conference since preparing the bid in 2009. With the conference now five weeks away, all our hard work is paying off. It’s been a great experience, and the rest of the committee have been a great group of people to work with. Hope to see you all in Sydney in July!

In my first #blogjune post, I mentioned that my posts from Monday and Tuesday would tend to be non-work-related. This is because I am lucky enough to be able to take parental leave two days a week to look after my sons, aged 3 1/2 and 15 months. I’ve been doing this since February, and the leave will run until February next year. We’ve got a bit of a routine going: we go to Ready, Steady, Go Kids on Monday morning, and storytime at the local library on Tuesday morning. I did the same thing when our eldest son was born, and it’s quite a bit different with two of them to look after. It can be a bit trying at moments, but I love it.

Home sweet home

After a wet couple of days, today dawned fine and sunny for our drive home. Typical – the day with the best weather is the day we leave.

My “idiot of the day” award goes to the driver on the F3 who was driving behind a marked police car in a 40 km/h roadwork zone, and then decided it would be a good idea to overtake the police car on the left. Surprise, surprise they got pulled over.

While we were away, the two boys shared a room for the first time, and they both seemed to be happy with the arrangement. Now we’re wondering if this could this work at home. With a bit of furniture rearranging we could put the boys in together and give ourselves a spare room/craft room/office.

With everyone back in their own beds, it should be a good night’s sleep for everyone tonight, hopefully.

It’s raining, it’s pouring

As we expected, it was raining this morning. Not the best way to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We enjoyed a breakfast of Weet-bix, coffee, and croissants.

Our next stop was the Erina Fair
shopping centre for lunch. We also managed to buy some toys to keep the boys occupied while they were stuck inside. We’d even thought of taking the boys to the public library, but ran out of time.

We’re off home tomorrow. It would have been nice if the weather was better, but it was nice to have a couple of days away.

Phew, that was close

Made it with 35 minutes to spare. We’re spending a couple of days on the Central Coast for my wife’s birthday, and this is thr first chance I’ve had to write a blog post. The new roof box we bought for the car passed its first test and got out luggage hrte safe and sound.The weather isn’t the best and it looks like it’s going to be a rainy day tomorrow for the birthday. Hopefully we’ll find something to do to keep the boys entertained.

The start of the journey

Well, I’ve signed up for the blog every day in June challenge for 2012. This is the first year I’ve taken part, so hopefully I can think of enough to say. I have participated in a couple of the Library Day in the Life projects, but this is a much more daunting prospect.

I’ve had the blog for nearly two years, but have never regularly posted to it. It was created as part of a Web 2.0 training program which I helped to organise at my workplace, and contains a mixture of work-related and non-work-related posts. My posts during June will also be a mixture of content. I’m imagining there’ll be a bit of a pattern to my posts, with the posts from Wednesday-Friday being work-related, and the others days tending more towards non-work-related topics. I’m hoping this will be a fun experience!

One down, 29 to go …