Wikipedia vandalism and The Octonauts

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Wikipedia lately, which has included editing some protected pages. This got me thinking about the types of pages which get protected, so I had a look at the list. There were the pages I expected to see, which covered controversial topics such as Auschwitz, Homosexuality, and Barack Obama. However, there were also some pages which I didn’t imagine would be on the list. These include articles about TV shows, such as List of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes and The Octonauts, people such as Elton John and Muhammad Ali, and other topics such as Langley Grammar School and Giraffe *.

The most common reason for the pages I’ve mentioned here being on the list was to protect them from vandalism. Articles about living people are often protected to ensure that Wikipedia’s policy on the biographies of living persons is adhered to with regard to the verifiability and reliability of sources.

Most of the pages have been semi-protected, which means that only people who have made a minimum of 10 edits to Wikipedia and have had a Wikipedia account for more than four days are allowed to make edits. A few are fully protected and can only be edited by Wikipedia administrators.

I’m still mystified as to who would want to vandalise a Wikipedia page about The Octonauts.

* Some articles are protected temporarily, so the articles listed here may not be protected when you read this post.