Made it to my century

Earlier this week marked 100 days since I started in my new job, which is my first experience of being a library manager. Taking a leaf out of Sally’s (The Library Boss) book I thought I’d take the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on what I’ve achieved in that time:

  • I’ve updated the library’s Collection Development Policy to make it more readable and sound less “official”.
  • I ran a survey of staff from across the organisation to get their thoughts and suggestions on the library (they like us!)
  • As part of trying to re-engage with staff I’ve met with all the Regional Managers (sometimes as part of a team meeting) to let them know what the library can do for them, and to get their suggestions on what we can do to help them.
  • To make sure that students have access to information about library services I ensured that the library content in the learning management system is consistent for all units.
  • I’ve also set the deadline for migrating our catalogue records from one university library management system to another, and am collaborating with the staff at both universities to ensure it’s a smooth process.

I feel very, very lucky to have supportive colleagues within the organisation, both within the library and at a more senior level. I can see that the organisation recognises the value of the library, and I am grateful for that. This isn’t always the case in special libraries.

My next 100 days ends in February. I wonder what they’ll bring?