A blast from the past at bedtime

Tonight was a night of nostalgia during the boys’ bedtime. We read them two stories – one from the Noddy series, and another from the Mr Men series (Mr Bump, in case you were wondering). The Noddy books were mine when I was younger, and it’s nice seeing them enjoy listening to them. I had a few Mr Men books too as a kid, but the ones we’ve got are recent purchases.

We’ve onto book 20 out of 24 of the Noddy series. I’m not sure what we’ll move onto after that – maybe some of the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I used to read. We might need to choose them carefully, though – the last time I read one of those to the boys, Thomas had a nightmare about it. It was about green slime which swallows up everything in its path, so I suppose it was a bit scary for a kid. In my defence, though, I think Thomas chose it.

Both boys enjoy books and reading (although Blake memorises and recites, rather than reads). I think they’ll be ready for my Famous Five and Secret Seven hand-me-downs soon.

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