A disconnected couple of weeks

Although I’m not going to be totally unplugged for the next couple of weeks, I’ve decided that I’m going to unplug myself from my work email. I’m on leave for two weeks, and I’m not going to read my work email at all. I’ve got my out-of-office reply set up, so any staff or students that contact me will know that I’m not going to be able to respond to their enquiry for a while (and I give them the contact details of my colleagues who can help them while I’m away). In theory, email isn’t an urgent form of communication, so I don’t feel too bad about not checking it at all.

It was easy not to check my email today, as it’s my wife’s birthday, so there were plenty of other things to keep me occupied. There was cleaning to be done, and an afternoon tea to get ready for. We headed out to have dinner and see the Vivid Sydney festival tonight. Tomorrow’s blog post will talk about our night out.

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