A geocaching roadtrip

Well, it’s not actually a real roadtrip. The company which runs the geocaching.com website have come up with the idea of a “Geocaching Roadtrip“, which will run for the next few months. The idea is to find a cache in the various categories that they’ve nominated to earn a “souvenir“. There are six different quests that they’ve created, and I think I’m going to try to complete them all. The trickiest one will be the quest to find a cache with either a difficulty rating of 5 or a terrain rating of 5. Difficulty 5 geocaches are usually very hard puzzle caches, which can take quite a bit of time to solve. I’m working on one at the moment, and I think I’ve nearly cracked it. The terrain 5 geocaches usually require special equipment e.g. scuba diving, abseiling, and seeing that I don’t have any of that sort of equipment I don’t think I’ll be tackling one of those. However there are some caches with this rating that don’t actually need any special equipment (such as this one, which I’ve found which more like a 3), so if I don’t solve the difficulty 5 puzzle I might try and find one of these mis-categorised caches.

We managed to complete the “7 Souvenirs of August” challenge last year, so hopefully we can add to our souvenir collection by finishing the roadtrip.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

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