A little bit of rain never hurt anybody

My wife and I had decided a couple of weeks ago that today was the day that we would wash our house, as part of our preparation for selling it. It was on the calendar, so it had to be done. We saw the weather forecast and knew that it would be raining, but figured that we’d probably be getting wet doing the cleaning, so a bit more water from the rain wouldn’t be a problem.

The weather in the morning was pretty good, as the rain held off while we had the high-pressure cleaner and hoses and brushes out. There was even a little bit of sun. It was a productive few hours, with Dad working on cleaning the back of the house with my wife and I out the front. I don’t think the house has ever looked cleaner – it’s almost a shame to be selling it.

After lunch we switched our attention to the garden. We had some rosemary and daisies that we wanted to put into pots, and mulch to spread on the garden beds to make them look neat. The rain started to come down a bit steadier in the afternoon. We got most of our jobs done, but there’s still a few little things to be done. It was nice to have a warm shower when we were done, before we went and collected the boys from Grandma.

The outside of the house and the garden are looking good, so now most of our remaining work needs to be done inside. This should be easier to do, as we can work on things at night once the boys are in bed. We’re working through our to-do list pretty steadily, so we can see the end approaching.

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