A musical morning

It was a bit of a musical morning at our house this morning. Blake learnt “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at preschool this week, so I found a video of the song on YouTube:

I’d forgotten how high some of those notes are! We also found a version of some police officers (I think they were Israeli) miming to it:

We finished off the musical morning with a couple of songs from Steve’n’Seagulls, a Finnish hillbilly band who do covers of rock songs. I first saw them doing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, and they’ve now also covered “You Shook Me All Night Long”, with the video featuring the Finnish national ice hockey team.

I now have an earworm of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” stuck in my head.

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  1. seanfish says:

    I saw “Thunderstruck” the other day. Now with “You Shook Me,” I’m a convert. Love these guys.

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