A week in the life of a medical librarian: day 1

This week’s posts are going to be a record of my working days. Nothing too detailed, just a summary of what I spent my time on at work. Hopefully they may prove interesting to those of you who have wondered what medical librarians get up to each day. Of course, each medical library is different, so what I work on during the week is not representative of every librarian who works in a hospital library. So, what did I do at work today?

  • Three-and-a-half hours finishing of a literature review which I started last week
  • Half an hour checking the links for our offsite access authentication
  • Lunch with Schrödinger the hospital cat (including a selfie)
  • Half an hour updating usage statistics for last month
  • Half an hour on emails
  • An hour of working on a submission for our hospital Quality and Innovation Awards
  • One-and-a-half hours planning and preparing my presentation for next month’s Health Libraries Australia Professional Development Day

I’ll be interested to see if this changes much from day to day. I wonder what I’ll end up spending most time on.


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