Another wet Sunday

We haven’t had much luck with the weather over the last couple of weekends. It was wet last weekend for our trip to the Central Coast, and now it’s wet again today. After a couple of busy days rearranging furniture, it was nice to have some fun at home with the boys.

This morning we all got dressed in our wet weather gear and went out in the rain for a little bit. The boys enjoyed jumping in the puddles in the gutter, and Thomas put a bowl and cup out in the rain to collect some rainwater to drink. Afterwards we had nice warm baths and showers, followed by soup for lunch.

The new playroom continued to pass the test, and today we had a fold-up car-shaped tent in there. Somehow all four of us managed to squeeze in there at the same time. It was a bit like one of those “how many uni students can you fit in a Mini” competitions, but we all made it. A good fun day to finish off the long weekend.

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