Are you an average Australian?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has just released the 2011 Census QuickStats. These show the totals and statistics within the categories of People, Families, and Dwellings. I’d thought I’d compare myself to these results to see if I’m an “average” Australian.

The median age of Australians is 37, so in that respect I’m slightly below average (I know that medians and averages are different concepts, but average is what I’m using. It’s only a fun blog post after all). The median age of married people is 50, so in that regard I’m well below average.

English is the most common ancestry (25.9% of Australians), and with one ancestor who came out on the First Fleet and another who arrived on the Third Fleet, I fit into that category. Both my parents were born in Australia, which is the case for 53.7% of Australians.

The workforce data won’t be available until 30th October, but there is some income data available now. My weekly income is higher than the median, so that’s an above average for me.

My dwelling and household all appear to be average. We are a couple with children, which is the most common family type (44.6% of all families). Our dwelling is the most common dwelling type (occupied private dwelling), dwelling structure (separate house), number of bedrooms (3*), tenure (owned with a mortgage), and household composition (family household). When the Census was conducted we had one car (which was the second most common ownership), but we now have two (the most common ownership).

So it looks like I have the characteristics of an “average” Australian. How “average” are you?

* NB at the time of the Census we were using three bedrooms, but we’ve recently moved the boys into one bedroom, so we’re technically down to two.

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