Lessening the use of outdated subject headings in the library catalogue

For this month’s GLAM Blog Club theme of “Lessen”, I thought I’d write about a small project I started recently. The aim of the project is to remove outdated subject headings from the catalogue. Our collection has a focus on material which deals with hearing loss and vision impairment; it … Continue reading

Made it to my century

Earlier this week marked 100 days since I started in my new job, which is my first experience of being a library manager. Taking a leaf out of Sally’s (The Library Boss) book I thought I’d take the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on what I’ve achieved in that time: … Continue reading

Collecting, but not for a collection

It’s been just over a month since I started my new job and became a first-time library manager. It’s gone very well, and I think I made the right decision to take this opportunity. In my first few weeks on the job I’ve done some collecting, which fits nicely with … Continue reading

Creating my future (and a library)

I’m not really the artistically creative type, so for this month’s GLAM Blog Club I’ll be talking about creating the next stage of my career. Next month I’ll be starting a new job as the manager of a small special library. This role is my first ever management position, and … Continue reading