Patrons in the driving seat

I mentioned in yesterday’s very brief post that my library has made a decision to go ahead with purchasing some e-books using a patron-driven acquisition (PDA) model. This model is a fairly recent innovation in the e-book market, and it’s one that I really like. Each vendor may have slight … Continue reading

A blast from the past at bedtime

Tonight was a night of nostalgia during the boys’ bedtime. We read them two stories – one from the Noddy series, and another from the Mr Men series (Mr Bump, in case you were wondering). The Noddy books were mine when I was younger, and it’s nice seeing them enjoy … Continue reading

More Friday fun – Harry Potter in the medical literature

Following on from last Friday’s post about Monty Python references in medical articles, I thought I’d have a look to see if other pop culture phenomena have been discussed in the literature. Today I found a few articles in PubMed Central (which means everyone should be able to access the … Continue reading

A geocaching roadtrip

Well, it’s not actually a real roadtrip. The company which runs the website have come up with the idea of a “Geocaching Roadtrip“, which will run for the next few months. The idea is to find a cache in the various categories that they’ve nominated to earn a “souvenir“. … Continue reading

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes!

One of the things that I’ve noticed about working in a hospital is that there are plenty of opportunities to purchase a cupcake (or two) to assist with raising funds for a department or ward. Yesterday a staff member from another department brought us some yellow cupcakes which she’d purchased, … Continue reading

Scientists in the making

Our eldest son was quite excited last week, as the science kit he’d ordered through his school Book Club had arrived. The kit has instructions for 12 simple experiments which use basic household ingredients, most of which end as some sort of slime/gloop/goo. We’d promised him that we’d do a … Continue reading