Bubbles and towers

Today was the moment of truth for our washing machine. The technician was due between 7am and 12pm, and my wife and I had decided on the upper limit we were prepared to pay to have the machine fixed. If it was going to cost more than that, we’d replace it. So after getting up at 6:45am to be ready in case the repairman arrived at 7am, he arrived at 11:35am. The  verdict wasn’t good – the pump and the electronic control unit both needed to be replaced, and for the price of that we could buy a new washing machine. So I think I know where we’ll be going shopping this weekend.

The boys were really well-behaved this morning while we were stuck at home waiting for the technician to arrive. At Thomas’ suggestion, we got out the bubble mixture and spent some time blowing bubbles. Blake wasn’t too sure about how to blow them, and put the stick in his mouth twice. Of course, the couple of times he did blow some, I couldn’t get the camera ready in time.

The technician arrived as we were packing up the bubble-making equipment, and once I showed him to the laundry I put Blake down for his sleep. While he was asleep, Thomas and I took the opportunity to build a tower out of Thomas’ building blocks. We decided to try and use all the blocks and see if we could build a tower which was taller than Thomas. After a couple of shaky moments, we got there, and our masterpiece was complete.

So today was a bit of an alliteration day – Blake blew beautiful bubbles, and we built Thomas’ terrifically tall tower.

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