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Google and Lego have teamed up to create Build With Chrome – a site which combines Google Maps with Lego bricks. As the name suggests, it only works with Google’s Chrome browser. Currently the site only has a map of Australia and New Zealand, so we get to have a play before the rest of the world.

The idea behind the site is simple – find a vacant block of land using Google Maps, and build your Lego masterpiece, using up to 1,000 bricks. Once you’re done, you can publish it for everyone to see. In order to publish a Lego creation, you need to either log in to your Google account, or provide an email address and/or date or birth.

Some very creative designs have already been produced – the Parramatta Eels logo at Parramatta Stadium, the Captain Cook water jet in Canberra, and Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

I had a bit of a play around and built a couple of things, and it is a bit of a novelty. It’s not the same, though, as being able to handle and assemble the bricks as you create your own Death Star or Star Destroyer.

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