ALA Annual – ahhh, the memories

This year’s American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference is on in Anaheim, starting tomorrow. Four years ago I was in Anaheim as a presenter as part of the New Members’ Round Table (NMRT) President’s Program. It was a great experience, and it was amazing at how massive everything was. There were over 20,000 delegates and there were sessions in several hotels within a radius of a couple of miles. There were shuttle buses to move people between venues. The exhibition was huge, and you could have spent a whole day just walking through it. I learnt the hard way that you needed to get to sessions early, as the very first session I went to was full by the time I got there. Often there were three or four sessions on at the same time that I wanted to attend, so it was hard to decide what to see.

There was time for fun too, because you can’t go to Anaheim and not go to Disneyland (especially when the theme park is within walking distance). There was also the skill and elegance of the Book Cart Drill Teams. If you get the chance to attend an ALA Annual I’d recommend it.

ALA Annual Conference

The 2010 American Library Association Conference was held last week in Washington, DC. Here are some links to various sessions and presentations:

The ALA Annual Conference is organised quite differently to Australian library conferences (apart from being much, much bigger – there were 26,201 attendees at this year’s conference!) There isn’t a single programme which all the sessions are part of. Rather, each Division of ALA organises their own programme. This means there are dozens of sessions all running at the same time at several different venues. It can be hard trying to decide which session to go to.