Finished my online training course

Last week I submitted my portfolio for the FOLIOz course that I did on Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice. The going got a bit heavy at times, but I completed all the tasks that we were set. It my first attempt at completing an online training course, and I found it quite enjoyable. The tasks were interesting and relevant, and the course helped to develop my understanding of EBLIP. I think I’ll keep an eye out for other FOLIOz courses that might be relevant for me.

Web 2.0 training – wikis

Well, with Lhan unavailable for a couple of weeks, it’s up to Paul and I to deliver the four training sessions dealing with wikis. The first week went well, with all the participants learning how to edit a wiki page and how to create a page. I’m sure this week will be as successful. I hope everyone posts to their blog with what they’ve learnt, otherwise they won’t be eligible for any of the prizes that are on offer!