A MOOC with a difference

Last week I started the Data, Analytics, and Learning MOOC (DALMOOC) through edX. I signed up for this course because I’m a bit of a data nerd, but have never really got into it in any depth. This course seemed to be a good way to get a basic understanding of what learning analytics are, and the sorts of tools which can be used to analyse and visualise the data.

The content from the first week was, as I expected, an introduction to the concept of learning analytics, and the tools which we’ll be using later in the course. It was all fairly straightforward, and it was presented through a mix of recorded videos and Google Hangouts. DALMOOC is structured a little differently to the other MOOCs which I’ve taken. Rather than being driven by an instructor who releases content each week with corresponding assessment tasks, DALMOOC includes a social learning pathway as well. It uses a tool called ProSolo to facilitate this, and I’ll admit I was a bit wary of using it. I’m not used to having my peers assess my work, so I might use ProSolo to track how I’m progressing but submit my assignments through edX. The distributed nature of the course content has confused a few people (myself included), but I think it’s becoming a bit clearer now.

I’m looking forward to getting some hands-on experience with using these tools over the next few weeks, and seeing if I get inspired to use learning analytics within the library.

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