Day with the boys

Our day started with Thomas’ last session of Ready, Steady, Go Kids. He’s done two terms, which means he’s done all 10 sports that they offer. He seems to have enjoyed himself, and has done pretty well at them. We’ve enrolled him in Socca Joeys next, which starts in a couple of weeks. He’s seen a couple of classes and was interested in having a go. The only problem is that he doesn’t understand the concept of “a couple of weeks”, and keeps thinking we’re starting it “tomorrow”.

To celebrate the end of Ready, Steady, Go Kids we went out for a babycino (which Blake was asleep for). After that it was a short walk to a nearby geocache which we hadn’t found, and we found it after having a bit of a walk around the reserve that it’s in. We’re hoping to get to 250 geocache finds on our trip to Canberra this weekend. We seem to have reached our milestones when we’ve been on holidays – our 100th cache was in Port Macquarie and our 200th was in Port Stephens. We’d like to get close to 250 before we go so hopefully we can make it without too much trouble.

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