Feedly to the rescue

Like a lot of people, I’ve been looking for a replacement RSS reader since Google announced that they would be closing down Google Reader. It was one of those things where I kept saying “I’ll get to that later, I’ll get to that later …”. Well, now that there’s only a couple of days to go before Google Reader is gone forever, I’ve made my decision.

After reading @lol_rahh‘s #blogjune post on her experience with Feedly, and from what I’d read and been told about Feedly, it seemed like it was the way to go. When the announcement about Google Reader was first made, I deleted a lot of my RSS feeds. I’d been using Google Reader less and less this year, as I’d found that a lot of the people whose blogs which I was following posted their posts to Twitter, so Twitter was my de facto RSS reader. However there were a few blogs which didn’t have a Twitter presence so I needed a home for them.

This morning I used Feedly’s one-step import from Google Reader, and it worked perfectly. I’m still finding my way around, but so far everything’s going OK. My RSS feeds have a new home.

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