First programming unit finished

I’ve just finished the first unit in the CS101 Computer Science course run by Udacity. I enjoyed the fact that it’s self-paced, and that you get immediate feedback on your answers to the quizzes. It’s taken me longer than a week to finish it, but that doesn’t really matter – I haven’t set myself a deadline to finish the course by.

It’s been fairly easy to understand the concepts. I haven’t done any previous programming or computer science study, and the content is nicely packaged and presented so that you work through it at your own pace, and you can go back and review any of the previous topics at any time.

I’m certainly not planning to make a major career change and move into programming/software development. I guess I’m doing the course to try one of these new online learning systems, and also to increase my understanding of computer science. It’s more for personal development rather than professional development.

One unit down, six to go!

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