Hi ho, hi ho …

Yes, today was my first day at work after two weeks leave. It was hard getting up at 5:50am, after being able to sleep in a little bit while I was on leave. The timing for my bus ride to work was perfect, as I arrived at the bus stop just as the bus was coming down the road. I knew it must be exam time, as most of the passengers were reading lecture notes.

Once I got to work I was greeted by 292 unread emails, which is probably a pretty low number by some of your standards. I managed to get them all deleted, read or flagged for follow-up by the end of the day. I had an hour’s desk shift in the middle of the day to break things up, so it wasn’t a bad day overall.

Tomorrow I’ll be in a training course all day (which will be my topic for tomorrow’s #blogjune) so it’ll be a fairly easy return to work. If my brain’s up for it, I’ll head off to trivia after work.

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