How now, brown cow

Today we went to the Family Farm Open Day at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. Dad went to school there, and he got an email about the day and let us know about it. The boys had a good time looking at all the animals, although I think Thomas’ favourite was the fake cow which you could “milk”. They were both a bit put off by the noise that one of the calves was making (Thomas decided to leave very quickly), and Blake wasn’t too fond of the pigs. They were pretty big animals, so I guess to a 16-month old sitting in a pram down at their level they would have looked quite scary. We ended the day with a hay ride which they both enjoyed.

They boys do enjoy visiting farms and seeing the animals. My sister has done some house-sitting at a farm, and we’ve visited her while she’s been there a couple of times. We’ve also been to the farm owned by a former work colleague of mine. We’ll try and get to the Castle Hill Show next year, and maybe even take Thomas to the Royal Easter Show.

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