If you’re happy and you know it …

The theme for this month’s newCardigan GLAM Blog Club is “Happiness”, so here, in no particular order, are some of the things that make me happy.

I guess the most important thing I’m happy about is making the career switch into librarianship. As I’ve discussed previously, I started my working life in an environmental laboratory before moving into libraries. As far as career progression is concerned, I’m definitely happy with the change – I’ve been able to take advantage of more opportunities than I would have been able to if I’d stayed in the lab. I could happily spend the rest of my working life in libraries.

In my role as a librarian, I find happiness in other people’s happiness. In my previous role as an academic librarian as well as my current role as a hospital librarian, it’s the happiness shown by the people that I’ve helped which gives me satisfaction. This could be their thanks for helping them troubleshoot a problem they’ve been having with EndNote or for showing them how to search the databases effectively, or their appreciation for the literature search that I’ve completed for them. It’s this feeling that I’ve really been able to help someone which keeps me coming back to work each day.

Over the last few years I’ve done some casual tutoring in an information retrieval unit in a Masters-level information studies course. This experience of teaching future information professionals also makes me happy. It makes me feel good when I’m able to provide some real world examples and experience to help them see how the theory that they’re learning about can be applied.

I also find happiness in being busy. I currently have several projects and ideas that I’m working on outside of my job at the moment, and I do tend to start tinkering with something without waiting until I’ve completed one of the things I’m already working on. This means I end up with a few half-finished tasks that take longer to complete than they probably should. I’m making an effort this year to try and finish off (or stop working on) some of these things so that I can share the results. Even though I like to be busy, I’m also happy to switch off when required.

So, that’s what keeps me happy in my job. I’ll be interested to read what other people have to say about happiness.

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