It’s all about having the right tools

A couple of months ago we bought a balance bike for our youngest son, Blake, off eBay. When we got it home, we realised that the back tyre was flat, so I tried to replace the inner tube. It was easy enough to take the old tube out, but there was no way I could remove the wheel from the bike frame. This meant that I couldn’t fit a new inner tube. From what I could see, it looked like that I needed a special sort of Allen key or similar sort of tool in order to remove the wheel, so the bike remained in the garage as a job on our to-do list. It wasn’t a high priority, as Blake was too short to ride it.

This afternoon Dad was over to help with some more gardening, and he had a look at the bike. We thought that it looked like a normal Allen key would do the job, but none of ours were the right size. Dad went and got his, and found two that were the right size. So now I had a job for tonight.

Once the boys were in bed, I started work. The wheel came off fairly easily, and the new inner tube went in too (much easier than changing a tube on one of the wheels of our pram!) Then it was a simple matter of replacing the wheel and tightening it up. All up it took about 20 minutes to do. It’s amazing how having the right tool can make a job easy.

Wheel successfully removed

Wheel successfully removed


This was the tool I needed

This was the tool I needed


Reassembled bike readyu to ride

Reassembled bike ready to ride


Hopefully we’ll have some time tomorrow to take the boys out for a bike ride so Blake can try out his bike. He’s grown since we bought it, so he should be good to go. Sonny and Sandy of the Podcacher podcast have mentioned how much fun their son Sean has riding his balance bike. I can’t wait to see Blake have a go.

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  1. King Tran says:

    This is such a good invention. Kids need to be able to balance before they can really ride.

  2. I think balance bikes are great but can someone tell me how they “teach skills like…using caution, as well as basic traffic rules”?

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