Learning goals for 2018

There are a few things on my “to-learn” list for 2018. I started working with most of them last year, and I want to learn more about them this year.

  • Wikidata and WikiCite

Up until now, the Wikimedia Foundation project that I’ve worked on the most has been Wikipedia. I’ve taken part in a couple of #1lib1ref campaigns, and looked at how Wikipedia can be used as an entry point to library collections (which I co-presented at the 2014 ALIA National Conference). My total number of edits on Wikipedia is close to 3,000; most of them are corrections to the formatting of references, so I’m very much a WikiGnome. I’ve recently become interested in Wikidata, and the semi-related project WikiCite. I’ve played around with adding items to Wikidata by exporting from Zotero (there’ll probably be an upcoming post about this), and I’ll be doing some more of this in the future. My main focus is on bibliographic data within Wikidata, so that’s why I’m interested in WikiCite. I would love to be able to apply the “create once, re-use often” principle to adding references to Wikipedia, as I sometimes find myself editing the same reference in multiple Wikipedia articles. WikiCite could be a way of reducing this sort of duplication of effort. I’m definitely not a developer on WikiCite, just an interested user.

  • R and Shiny

I started dabbling with the R programming language last year, and it’s something that I would like to try and learn more about. I’d like to investigate using Shiny to create a dashboard based on a script written with R. I’m thinking that it will involve altmetrics (maybe using the new Dimensions research information system), but I’ll have to see if my limited coding abilities will be enough for that.

  • A MOOC or two

I completed a couple of MOOCs last year (mostly on statistics and research data management), and I want to try and enrol in at least one this year. I started one on R a little while ago, so I might try and finish that one off. I’m sure I can find something out there that interests me.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the year as I (hopefully) cross these items off the list.

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