Lego on a rainy Sunday

It was a pretty wet day here today, and the weather meant that it was a good day to stay inside. We all pottered around doing different things – my project was to finish off my Lego R2-D2 that has been a work in progress for a while. I got him for Christmas in 2014, and once he was built he stayed on the shelf for a year or so. In January I decided that it would be nice for the boys and I to work on building him together, so I disassembled him. We got through the first couple of bags of pieces in fairly quick time, but then their interest in the “R2-redo” waned.


Starting point

Today was the day that R2 started to take shape again. With some help from Blake, I’m now up to the second-last bag, and will probably finish the build later this week. It was a nice relaxing couple of hours working on it.


Blake helping out


Nearly finished

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