Library Day in the Life – Round 7

I’m a couple of days late with this first post for Round 7 of the Library Day in the Life Project, as I only found out about it via a Facebook post from one of my friends. I’ll have to try and summarise two days worth of posts in one.

I work as a Liaison Librarian at Macquarie University Library in Sydney, Australia. Monday 25th July was a landmark day at Macquarie University Library, as it was the day we started offering all our services from our new library. The building has been open since March as a study space, but on Monday it became operational as a library. As with any new facility there have been a few teething problems, but they’ve been worked out. We’re now preparing for the return of the students from their mid-year break next week.

At 9am on Monday I began my one-hour shift at one of our new service points. There weren’t too many patrons at that stage, but the shift was filled with figuring out where stuff was and how things would work. When I was at the service point again at 3pm it was a bit busier.

In between these two shifts I was checking email and making arrangements to meet an member of the academic staff regarding some training she wants us to conduct in a few weeks time. I also called another academic to follow up on their request for training.

I’m one of the “Technology Champions” for my department, which means I provide basic IT help and support to staff. We’ve changed to a new operating system and version of Microsoft Office with the move, so I answered a few questions from staff about problems they’ve been having.

In a symbolic gesture, I handed in my key to the office from the old library. The new building has swipe card access, so all the keys are obselete.

Tuesday 26th was a similar day to Monday. I had a shift at a service point, which wasn’t too busy. The main excitement for the day was our first evacuation drill in the new building, which went off pretty smoothly. It did help that there were probably more staff in the building than patrons – the next one will be quite different.

I clarified some more details about the training rooms in the new library that we’ll be using in a couple of weeks.

That’s about it for the first couple of days. From now on there’ll be a post covering each day.

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