Library Day in the Life – Thursday

Well, here I am at day 4 of Library Day in the Life. The day started with my usual email check, then out to the desk for my morning desk shift. It’s normally a pretty quiet shift from 9am-10am, but today it was a bit busy for a change.

I checked some more of our old print indexes which are now available online to see if we can discard them. It looks we’ll be able to, but I’m going to double-check some of the entries before we get rid of them, just to make sure that the coverage is the same.

I receive an email from an academic staff member who is having trouble accessing one of databases. I make an appointment to see him tomorrow to try and get him registered.

I also respond to a request for a meeting from one of our database reps who is going to be at the Information Online conference next week. We’ve managed to arrange a meeting on one of the mornings of the conference.

Another lecturer has contacted the library about running a treasure hunt for their first year students. It’s been run before, but the move to the new library will complicate things a bit. I start to draft an email explaining what will be happening with regards to the move, but it gets too longwinded and complicated, so instead I suggest that we meet to discuss how we can accommodate her activity.

After lunch I have my second desk shift of the day, and it’s relatively quiet and uneventful. In the afternoon I book a place in one of the “sneak peek” tours of the new library that are being run for library staff. As expected they’ve proven to be popular, and I end up signing up for the second-last one. Hopefully I’ll be able to go, as it’s close to the expected delivery date of my second child.

Looking forward to Friday, even though this was a short week this week.

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