Library Day in the Life – Tuesday

Day 2 of Library Day in the Life. Again, the day starts with an email check. I then finalise the Library Impact Statement from yesterday, and return it to the academic and complete our internal records. It’s interesting to see which new units and programs are being developed by the academic staff.

I have a desk shift in the morning, and because it’s quiet I stay at my desk as the backup person. I log in to our Online Librarian service, and take one “call” from a student who is having trouble with EndNote. I manage to answer their first question, but their next problem is something which is hard to explain via an IM system and needs to be demonstrated in-person. I refer them to their Liaison Librarian, who will be able to assist them face-to-face.

After my shift I attend a library all-staff meeting, the main topic of which is the planning for the move into our new library. Everything seems to be coming along pretty well, with the move of the books starting in a couple of weeks.

When I get back to my desk I receive a phone call from an academic who is proposing a new unit and needs a Library Impact Statement completed. We meet to discuss the unit, and it’s another low-impact one, as it’s simply a merging of two units into one. With this done it’s time for lunch.

During the afternoon I attend the Learnng and Teaching Committee for the Faculty of Science, standing in for one of my managers who’s on leave. It’s useful to go along to these meetings to get an idea of what’s happening in the Faculty and if there will be any impact on the library. For my report I give a summary of how the library will operate for first semester.

I head home at 4:30 after the meeting, looking forward to the public holiday tomorrow.

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