Lunchtime geocaching

A new cache was recently placed on the campus, and I kept meaning to go and look for it. It’s located near a carpark, so it’s hard to search for the cache without being seen. Well, now that it’s the mid-year break, there are a lot less students around, so today I took the opportunity to find it.

I’d done a bit of reconnaisance of the area, and had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for and where the cache was hidden. I had tried to find it this morning before work, but there were some workmen close to the cache location, so I had to give it a miss. At lunchtime, however, the coast was clear, and I was able to make the find. That takes us to 240 finds, which only leaves us 10 short of 250. Hopefully we can get to this milestone during our trip to Canberra this weekend.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

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