Maintenance day

Today was a day for doing maintenance. I started by doing some work in the veggie patch. There were some tomato plants that needed extra stakes, so I put them in. I also added some fertiliser to the tomatoes, as they’re starting to fruit and need to be fed. It was also time to give the contents of our compost bin a bit of a mix, as we’ve had it set up for a couple of weeks.

After fixing up the garden, it was time for me to maintain myself. I went for the longest run I’ve ever done – 9.71km in 1 hour 8 minutes. It was one of my training sessions for the Bridge Run, and I was surprised how good I felt at the end of it. I maintained a nice steady pace, even after I had to stop and give a couple in a car directions after they asked. I’ve still some work to do to get my time down to under an hour for 9km, but I can see now that it is possible. All I need to do is maintain the training schedule and I’ll get there. I think I was a bit of a “runner’s high” at the end, thanks to the endorphins and I’ve got a better idea of why people get addicted to running. My knees aren’t so sure about this running caper though, and I think I’ll see a physio about them to see if there’s anything I can do to stop them getting sore while I’m running. Hopefully it will be an easy fix, and I can keep up the training.

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  1. Sharon Uthmann says:

    Running is addictive, isn’t it?!? Great job pushing out 9k!!

    My knees used to give me grief but I worked on doing lunges and squats to build up the muscles. Also, got fitted at the Athlete’s Foot in some good shoes with support inserts. Have not had knee trouble since.

    In the meantime – here’s some reading:

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