My challenge to get fit

Earlier this year ago I went and had a free health check which was offered by my workplace. The results were OK, but one of the findings (which was a massive surprise to me) was that I was borderline overweight! I’ve never considered myself to be anywhere near overweight, so that was a bit of a wake-up call. The other result which wasn’t too good was my physical activity score, however this wasn’t a surprise at all, as I knew I didn’t do enough exercise. Sure, I walked to and from the bus stop each day but I didn’t do any serious exercise.

I decided that I should do something about this, so decided that I’d find an exercise plan to start. Life got in the way, however, and the next few months were spent selling and buying a house. A couple of months ago, settled into our new house, I started the Couch to 5K plan developed by the NHS in the UK. As the name suggests, it’s a plan to get you off the couch and running five kilometres, all within nine weeks. I’d heard of the Couch to 5K program a couple of years ago thanks to Sonny from the Podcacher podcast. He blogged about his journey over the nine weeks of the plan. I downloaded the Runkeeper app for my phone so that I could keep track of how I was going.

I’ve now finished Week 6 of the plan, so only another three to go. I can certainly feel the difference in my endurance – there’s no way I could have run for 25 minutes a couple of weeks ago, but I managed it on Monday. I did have to skip a week back in October when the bushfires were burning in the Blue Mountains and the air was too smoky to run in. I’m back on track now though, but Christmas might interfere with the plan a bit. My style is probably more of the “Cliff Young shuffle” rather than a proper running style, but I can work on that.

To give myself some motivation to keep going once I’ve finished the plan, I’ve registered for the Bridge Run which is being held next year as part of the Sydney Running Festival. It’s a nine kilometre run from North Sydney, across the Harbour Bridge, and finishing in the Royal Botanic Gardens. I’ve found a 10K training plan on Runkeeper, so I’ll be using that to prepare myself. I’ll let you know how I go.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

2 Responses to My challenge to get fit

  1. Jayshree says:

    well done Andrew!

  2. Sharon Uthmann says:

    Excellent news, Andrew! About the running, not about the overweight bit. I’m just so excited how many of my library friends are taking up running.

    Like you, I never thought I could run for 25mins now I’m running for 1 hour and a half and doing 16km. Having completed 2 10km fun runs this year, I’ve registered to do the half marathon in Port Macquarie in March and also registered for the Run Down Under

    Good luck and run happy!!

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