My first completed MOOC!

I recently completed the Maps and the Geospatial Revolution MOOC offered by Coursera. This was the second MOOC I started, but it’s the first one that I finished. I even managed to earn a Distinction on my Statement of Accomplishment. I found that the course gave me a great exposure to the free online GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools that are available. It wasn’t only about the tools, but it also examined the techniques and philosophy behind how to make a good map. Now that I know about these tools, particularly ArcGIS, I’ll certainly be using them more often.

One of the reasons I took the course was to gain a better understanding of GIS so that I could better support the students and staff at my institution who work in this field. I certainly managed to achieve this, and I’m seriously considering enrolling in a postgraduate GIS course next year.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

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