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A year ago I posted about our efforts to get a vegetable patch going. On the whole it was pretty successful. The cherry tomato plants flourished, and gave us a tasty series of crops over the year. They reached the stage where they weren’t really very productive, however, so a couple of weeks ago I pulled them out of the veggie patch. There’s still some rocket in there, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be planting something else in there when the weather warms up a bit.

The capsicums were a failure, and didn’t grow at all. We planted some seeds in another part of the garden, and they didn’t like that spot either. I guess we’re destined to not grow them.

The other crop we tried planting was sweet corn. We’ve had mixed results with it, though. The first batch of plants gave us some nice cobs, but the second batch is looking a bit underdone. I probably didn’t give them the attention they needed, but we’ve still got some seeds we can plant to try again.

Corn plantsCorn harvestReady to cook

The other part of #operationveggiepatch I mentioned was our compost bin. This hasn’t really worked out at all over the last year. Again, I’ve neglected it too much, and haven’t spent enough time on mixing it and making sure that I’ve been adding the right mix of material to it. I think it might be time to empty it out and start again, or least try and use some of the “compost”. Part of the problem might be the lack of space that we’ve got, which means that it’s hard for me to take out the older material. Maybe we need another bin, so we can have a “fresh bin” and an “older bin”. Hopefully I can get this sort out soon.

I do enjoy gardening, and trying to grow some of our own vegies. The boys enjoy it too, and hopefully we can come up with another bumper crop this year.

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