Play School and e-books

I took the boys on our regular trip to storytime at the local public library this morning. While I was there, I borrowed the biography of John Hamblin, who was one of the presenters on Play School when I watched it as a kid. Sounds like it could be an interesting read.

This is actually the first hardcopy book I’ve borrowed from the library in a few months. I received a Kobo e-reader for my birthday in November, and since then all my reading has been done with e-books. The vast majority have been borrowed from my public library, which has the Overdrive service. I’ve bought a couple of e-books, but only because I had a voucher to spend.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve made the switch from print to electronic books for my reading. It wasn’t a conscious decision on my part, but since I’ve had the Kobo, it just seems natural to focus on electronic books. There’s a good range available via Overdrive, so I’m happy for the moment.

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