Publications and presentations

The following is a list of publications I have written, and presentations I have given:

Spencer, A. 2015, ‘How well do library and information professionals use Twitter to engage with conferences in Australasia? (or “A little birdie told me…”)’, poster presented at the 8th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference, Brisbane, 6-8 July. doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1615013.

Spencer, A. 2015, ‘Hide-and-seek in Macquarie University Library: geocaching as an educational and outreach tool’. The Australian Library Journal, 64(1), 35-39. doi: 10.1080/00049670.2014.985179.

Spencer, A., Krige, B. & Nair, S. 2014, ‘Digital doorway: gaining library users through Wikipedia‘, paper presented at ALIA National Conference, Melbourne, 15-19 September.

Spencer, A. 2013, ‘Hide and seek in the library: Geocaching as an educational and outreach tool’, presentation at ALIA Information Online, Brisbane, 12-15 February. (extended submission) (presentation)

Bradley, F., Dalby, A., & Spencer, A. (2009), ‘Our Space: professional development for new graduates and professionals in Australia’. IFLA Journal, 35(3), 232-242. doi: 10.1177/0340035209346211

Spencer, A., Dalby, A., & Bradley, F. 2008, ‘OurSpace: Conference experiences for new librarians‘, presentation at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, 26 June 26-2 July.

Spencer, A. & Hughan, C. 2008, ‘Podcasting: a fad with a future?‘, paper presented at Beyond the Hype 2008: Web 2.0, Brisbane, 1-2 February.

Spencer A. & A’Court, R. 2007, ‘MULLIT: Not as hairy or as fishy as it sounds’, newgradsnews: National newsletter of the ALIA New Graduates Group.

Cotter, L. & Spencer, A. 2007, ‘Evidence-Based Librarianship: A measured approach to library success’, presentation at Elsevier Library Connect Seminars, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

2 Responses to Publications and presentations

  1. Jenny LaPerriere says:

    I’m a librarian with the Denver Public Library (Colorado USA). Found your site while doing research to submit a proposal for ALA 2017. Could I email you with some questions? Looking for some other presenters for the proposal as well if you’d be interested.
    Thanks, Jenny LaPerriere Adult Services Manager

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Yes, I’d be happy to help. I emailed you about this last week – hopefully it’s not too late for your proposal.



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