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Yesterday I conducted a workshop on research impact data for academic staff who are applying for promotion. As part of the application for promotion, staff need to compile a CV which lists their research outputs with a measure of their impact. This can take the form of the number of citations to a work in Scopus, Web of Science or Google Scholar, as well as the Impact Factor of the journals which the academics have published in. I also briefly discussed tools for creating a profile, such as ResearcherID and ORCID, and some of the altmetrics tools, such as the bookmarklet and ImpactStory. The workshop only went for an hour, so it was a quick overview of these three tools and how to extract the required information from them. We’d also prepared a “Tracking your research” LibGuide for the workshop, so the attendees had something to refer to afterwards.

We had 10 people at the workshop, which was a 100% turnout of the staff who had RSVP’d. They asked some good questions, which I was able to answer, and they seemed to be interested in the information that we were providing.

It will be interesting to see how many follow-up consultations the Research Librarians have with academic staff about the promotions process. We’ll be running two more of these workshops later in the year, so hopefully the academics will find them useful.

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