So what’s changed since #blogjune last year?

The most significant change that has happened to me since last year’s #blogjune is that I started a new job. After 12 years at Macquarie University Library (MUL), I took up a position at the medical library at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW). I started there in March, and have been very happy that I made the move. MUL was the first library I worked in, and I really enjoyed my time working there. As I mentioned in my farewell speech, I feel very fortunate to have begun my library career in a workplace which offered a great deal of support for its staff. I was lucky enough to work with managers and team leaders who encouraged me to take advantage of opportunities as they arose, and I’m very glad I did. They stood me in good stead when it came to applying for the job at CHW.

As you’d expect, the library at CHW is much smaller than MUL, with a staff of five. This means that everyone does a bit of everything, but still has responsibility for certain things. My role focuses on the management of the electronic resources that the library subscribes to. I make sure that our Serials Solutions information is kept up to date, and also administer the OpenAthens accounts that the hospital staff set up. This is an area of the library that I didn’t have much direct involvement with at MUL – there was a team dedicated to maintaining the records for our electronic resources. However, I’ve managed to pick it up pretty quickly, and I have some sympathy for my former colleagues who I used to refer the problems to.

I have made some contacts in the health library sector over the years, and it has been an area of librarianship that has appealed to me. Although there has always been the threat of budget cuts hanging over them, I felt that health librarians  were an innovative group who were always looking out for ways to improve and update the services they offer to their clients. I’m excited to be part of that group, and am looking forward to this next stage in my career.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

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  1. Alisa says:

    Congrats on your new role! I’ve made a big change this year of changing sectors. After over three years at archives, I’m now learning what I can in an academic library. Enjoying it so far! I too, have been fortunate to learn from very professional, experienced and passionate people and have grown an appreciation for cultural heritage (like I needed a nudge 😉 ) All the best for this next step.

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