Still on the run (barely)

I posted an update about my running last year, and figured that I’d update it again for this #blogjune. I did finish the Bridge Run last year, and completed it in under an hour (55mins 34 secs), which was my goal. I was surprised at how easy the 9k run seemed, and how good I felt at the end. However, I didn’t really get back into running much after finished Bridge Run. I tried to keep it up for a while, but didn’t stick with it. My main running time was when I got home from work, and now that I get home an hour later than I used to I don’t really have that time available.

To overcome this I’ve decided to switch things up and go for a walk in the morning. This means getting up at about 5:15am. I have tried running in the morning, but I seem to be more of a later-in-the-day runner. I figure that a walk is better than nothing when it comes to exercise, and I might even get in the swing on things and turn it into a run. We had a Parkrun start up near us a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve registered for it. I haven’t gone for a run with them yet, but it’s certainly on the cards.

I won’t be doing the Bridge Run this year because I don’t really have the time to do the training. However, I am looking forward to getting back to being more active.

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  1. Sharon Uthmann says:

    Oh you must start doing Parkrun. Make it a family thing. It’s great fun!

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