A scattergories meme

I usually save the memes for a day when I’m struggling to think of what to write, but I’m going to use one for today’s post. The rule is that each answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer. Here’s my contribution:

Name – Andrew
Animal – Wolf
Girls name – Fiona
Colour – Aubergine
Movie – Empire Strikes Back
Something you wear – Kilt
Drink – Tequila
Food – Apricot
Item in the bathroom – Toothbrush
Place – Honduras
Reason to be late – Slept in

Well, that gives me a 100% posting rate for #blogjune so far. Don’t think it will last though.

Scattergories Meme

Thanks to @ironshush and Bun-Toting Librarian for this one:

1. What is your name? Andrew
2. A four-letter word: Able
3. A vehicle: Aston Martin (I once went to a fancy-dress party as James Bond)
4. A city: Adelaide (I went there for NLS2 in 2004)
5. A boy’s name (other than your own): Albert (my grandfather’s middle name)
6. A girl’s name: Andrea (feminine version of Andrew)
7. Alcoholic drink: Apple Schnapps (I’ve tried a few flavours of schanpps over the years, and I think apple is one of them)
8. An occupation: Academic Librarian (technically my position is Research Librarian, but it’s in an acadeic institution)
9. Something you wear: Anorak (well, I own a raincoat which I think is close enough)
10. A celebrity: Adam Sandler (I saw him during a movie studio tour in LA)
11. A food: Artichoke
12. Something found in a bathroom: Acne cream (during my teenage years)
13. Reason for being late: Accident
14. Something you shout: Ahhh!
15. An animal: Adelie Penguin (my sons love Happy Feet)
16. A body part: Ankle

I was able to think of answers that related to me for most of them, but some were just too hard.