The hospital cat

The hospital where I work has its own resident cat. It occasionally makes an appearance in the outdoor area where I have lunch, and today it was there. Because we’re never sure if it’s going to be there or not, my co-worker and I have named the cat Schrödinger after the cat in Schrödinger’s thought experiment.


Schrödinger seems to have become less insistent that I share my lunch, perhaps because I’ve always ignored the meowing which is used on any new human who comes and sits down. Other people do give out tidbits, so there’s no danger of Schrödinger starving. I know there are several libraries which have their own cat, and I guess my hospital library does too, sort of.

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I'm a health librarian in Sydney, Australia, who also happens to be a geocacher.

2 Responses to The hospital cat

  1. Helen Kaatz says:

    Pleased to see Schrodinger looks well fed. My cat is overweight – I can’t ignore him when he meows.

  2. I love library cats! We had one that used to hang about a bit, but now we are more likely to have library dogs!

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