Up, up and away …

This morning we went to Parramatta Park to watch the hot air balloon launch, which is part of the park’s Australia Day celebration. It was an early start, with our alarms set for 5am. We were out of the house not long after that, and got to the park before the 6am start time.

There were 16 balloons all together – eight of them remained tethered for balloon rides, and the other eight took off, and headed in a south-westerly direction. I wonder where they ended up landing? Once we’d seen the balloons, we had some breakfast (sausage sandwiches, courtesy of the Lions Club BBQ), and then had a look at some of the entertainment that was there. Thomas went into the Circus Playground, and had a go at some of the activities there, such as walking the tightrope, and spinning a plate.

We left at about 8am, and the boys both fell asleep on the way home. I think they’ll go to bed tonight without any difficulty.

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