“W” is for wonder

Today’s post is inspired by @meta_sarah‘s #blogjune post, as well as @bonitoclub‘s advice on how to get started on a blog post when you’re stuck for ideas.

A couple of months ago, there was an Astronomy Open Night at the university where I work. Unfortunately it was a cloudy night so none of the telescopes were operating, but there were plenty of other displays to keep our eldest son (aged 5) interested. He loved the laser graffiti and the laser maze, as well as touching the plasma ball.

Plasma balls are cool!

Plasma balls are cool!

I have always been fascinated by these machines. Whenever we went to a science museum I’d always want to have a go at touching one, and watching the sparks follow my finger. Hopefully Tom will have the same sense of wonder about discovering new things. He already asks plenty of questions and always wants to know how or why something works. We may have another budding scientist on our hands!

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