Well, we did it again

I posted last #blogjune about our unexpected day trip to the Blue Mountains, and today we did the same thing. Thomas had an early soccer match this morning, and afterwards we initially thought that we’d head to a park not too far away to give the boys a chance to play. We were headed in the direction of the Blue Mountains, and along the ay we decided to keep going and head to Blackheath for lunch.

Last year we were pretty unprepared for the cold mountain weather (poor old Blake was wearing shorts), but this time we stopped off and bought some warm clothes for the boys, which they needed anyway. We headed along Bells Line of Road then the Darling Causeway to Mount Victoria. Our lunch stop was at the New Ivanhoe Hotel in Blackheath, where we managed to arrive just after a busload of tourists, which meant we had to wait a while for our lunch. While we were there we bumped into a couple of library people that we knew.

Our destination for the day was Memorial Park in Blackheath, where the boys had fun playing on the play equipment. It wasn’t as cold as last year, which made it a bit more enjoyable. On the way home we stopped in at Leura, where we visited the Candy Store (which the boys loved) and had a coffee at the Wayzgoose Cafe. All in all it was a very nice day, and a pleasant way to spend a Saturday.

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