What I got out of #blogjune this year

For me the main theme that came out of this year’s #blogjune was the future of the Australian biblioblogosphere. There were some posts looking back to try and discover the “golden age” of library blogging (Hugh, Kate), and then others trying to figure out what the future may hold for library blogging in Australia (Kate, Stephanie). I don’t really have much to add to these; I agree that there did seem to be period where blogging was more prevalent than it is now, and I think that there is still a place for blogging in the professional discourse of the Australian LIS industry. It looks like the League of Librarians (or some sort of collaborative blogging venture) is ready to go!

Some of the discussion early this month regarding impostor syndrome also hit home for me. I think I was (perhaps still am?) guilty of thinking that because I have a blog I need to be posting about the “big issues” in the profession. I related to Sally’s post where she says:

Maybe I’m just not cut out to write certain types of posts. It’s mostly the strong opinion, kind-of-ranty posts that I struggle with. I don’t really understand why I feel driven to publish them at all, when I find them so difficult. Do I feel like it’s expected, in order to be taken seriously?

Sometimes I do try and tackle the big issues, but never usually in great depth or as a way of starting a conversation – I’m usually responding to someone else’s brilliantly written post on the subject. I toyed briefly with the idea of setting up a separate blog which I would use for “professional” content and leave this one for the personal stuff. But then I thought of a different approach, and it’s one that I’m going to try to stick to from now on. I’m going to try to comment on blogs more often, instead of writing a short post on the topic. Every now and then I might need to write a post if I have a lot to say, but mostly I’ll be keeping the discussion on the original post.

I have found it harder to come up with posts for #blogjune this year than in previous years, but I’ll get there. A lot of the posts were a result of having to write something instead of wanting to write something. Tomorrow’s post will be my usual wrap-up of the statistics for the blog during June. It will be interesting to see how this year compares to previous years.

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