Wow, it’s been a busy year!

2018 is shaping up to be the biggest geocaching year yet for Sensible Shoes. We started the year on 524 finds, and currently we’re on 762 finds. That’s 238 finds this year alone – over half of all the finds from our previous 10 years! If we keep this up we’ll be at 1,000 finds before we know it (actually, in another 238 finds).

We’ve taken part in the recent promotions that Geocaching HQ have run, which has helped to build our find count. The first was the Planetary Pursuit, which we didn’t complete, but we did get as far as Uranus. We’ve also gotten into the current Hidden Creatures promotion. We recently unlocked the Dragon (which is available after 50 finds), but we’re not sure if we’ll make it all the way to World Turtle (for which you need 100 finds). At the start of the promotion we decided that we’d be happy if we made it to Yeti (35 finds), so we’ve done better than we thought. Maybe the World Turtle isn’t out of the question!

The hidden creatures that we’ve found

As well as a record year for finds, we’ve also set a new record for hiding caches. We’ve put out four new caches, and so far they’ve all been found fairly regularly. Although they’re not a formal series, there is a bit of theme to their names (which also reflects the type of hide or the location) – Hedwig, Umbridge, Aragog, and The Hogwarts Letter.

If you want to keep up with what we’re doing, we’ve got a new Instagram account where we’ll be posting pictures and videos of our caching adventures. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post about the various date-based geocaching challenges that we’re working on at the moment, and another post about our search for a special type of geocache.

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