You’ve got to be in it to win it

The purpose of this post is to increase my chance of winning a new GPSr – the Garmin Oregon 750T. Our current GPSr (a Garmin GPS 60, which we bought back in 2007 when we started caching) has served us well and is continuing to do so. However, I couldn’t pass up the chance to win a brand spanking new GPSr.

The competition is being run by the Podcacher podcast, which I listen to each week. They provide a great program with lots of stories, tips, and contests. To help ensure that they’re able to keep producing their show each week, I’ve signed up as a supporting member to help with their costs.

Their current contest simply involves filling out a form on their website to get an entry in the draw. In order to get additional entries you can tweet about the contest, visit their Facebook page, or write a blog post. At the moment there are nearly 1,500 entries (with 22 days left in the contest), so there’s plenty of interest. Hopefully I’ll be drawn as the winner!

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